Day 22

Three weeks down of my 22-week-challenge and I’m having a great time! Here are some of my favorite things that I’ve accomplished from the last 2 weeks… Progress on my garden My favorite part of this whole challenge has for sure been the gardening aspect of things!  I am LOVING watering my garden each day … More Day 22

Week One, CHECK!

Hey guys!! So it’s been officially a week since I started my 22 week challenge and here are the things I’ve completed so far… Plant something in my garden The first thing that I did, right on April 22nd, was get my garden started! We’ve had a pile of soil forming in our backyard from … More Week One, CHECK!

The Damage Report

Allrighties everybody, here it is…my long-overdue health update! Or, I guess I should say, here is part one of it. If I would’ve written this post 2 months ago, the list of my new diagnoses would have been much shorter. Buuuut….since then I’ve undergone more medical testing that has revealed over half-a-dozen new diagnoses. O_O As I … More The Damage Report

A Healing Step

Writing used to be a kind of therapy for me. I wrote to survive, almost. It was like a lifeline that connected me to reality amidst all the trauma and abuse and confusion that was my daily life… I used to fill up a journal every 3 months. I needed to process each day’s events … More A Healing Step