The Simplest & Yet Most Profound Health Update Ever!

Okay,  so “ever” might be an exaggeration…but if you’ve done more than casually read my blog and pray for me over the years then you will know that for CASSIA this update is a huge, huge, HUGE deal. Seemingly impossible, honestly, for how tirelessly my doctors and I have worked for 7 years to try … More The Simplest & Yet Most Profound Health Update Ever!

The Damage Report

Allrighties everybody, here it is…my long-overdue health update! Or, I guess I should say, here is part one of it. If I would’ve written this post 2 months ago, the list of my new diagnoses would have been much shorter. Buuuut….since then I’ve undergone more medical testing that has revealed over half-a-dozen new diagnoses. O_O As I … More The Damage Report

All Tox’d Out

“I feel like I’m being poisoned…” I don’t know how many times I made that statement over the last year, but I know I said it a lot. I received many new diagnoses in 2016 and started many new treatments, but something still felt wrong. Really wrong. I felt like I was being poisoned. Like … More All Tox’d Out