Look At Them! ^_^

At the beginning of my 22-week-challenge I tossed seeds all over my flower garden, praying that at least some of them would sprout, and just look at them!!! The purple flowers were not grown from seeds but from a small plant that’s taken off so happily, and this photo is actually from last week, so … More Look At Them! ^_^

Little Expressions

It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve picked up blogging again and it has felt like coming home. With how crazy-hard life has been these last few years, I haven’t really felt…settled in a long time. So having this little corner of the internet up and going again has been really special, and I’m happy to … More Little Expressions

Just In Case You’re Feeling Fed Up With These Produce Prices…

I have a little secret for you all…You know how some people can get really cranky before they’ve had their morning cup of coffee? Welllll, I feel that way if I haven’t eaten enough vegetables. Haha. I need my veggies. Like really, really, really need them. And I can eat vegetables like a kid eats … More Just In Case You’re Feeling Fed Up With These Produce Prices…

Day 22

Three weeks down of my 22-week-challenge and I’m having a great time! Here are some of my favorite things that I’ve accomplished from the last 2 weeks… Progress on my garden My favorite part of this whole challenge has for sure been the gardening aspect of things!  I am LOVING watering my garden each day … More Day 22

Week One, CHECK!

Hey guys!! So it’s been officially a week since I started my 22 week challenge and here are the things I’ve completed so far… Plant something in my garden The first thing that I did, right on April 22nd, was get my garden started! We’ve had a pile of soil forming in our backyard from … More Week One, CHECK!