These Are A Few (More) Of My Favorite Things…

Throughout my 22-week-challenge I’ve been sharing some of my favorite things that I’ve been able to do along the way. Well, it’s finally time for my last official ‘favorite things’ post…enjoy! ❤ Produce From My Garden I’ve talked a lot about my flower garden, but I don’t think I’ve said much (if anything) on here about my … More These Are A Few (More) Of My Favorite Things…

The Simplest & Yet Most Profound Health Update Ever!

Okay,  so “ever” might be an exaggeration…but if you’ve done more than casually read my blog and pray for me over the years then you will know that for CASSIA this update is a huge, huge, HUGE deal. Seemingly impossible, honestly, for how tirelessly my doctors and I have worked for 7 years to try … More The Simplest & Yet Most Profound Health Update Ever!

Birth A Goat: CHECK!

One of the most memorable accomplishments of my 22-Week-Challenge has for sure been birthing goats for the first time. Boy, was it an adventure! I laughed, I cried, and I prayed harder for an animal than I’ve done since my goldfish Snickerdoodle nearly a decade ago, haha. Let me tell you all about it… Walker … More Birth A Goat: CHECK!

I Went Camping!!!

I went camping this past weekend and this is a huge deal 😀 Not only was it one of the things on my 22-Week-Challenge list, but I’ve never been well enough to go on one of the family trips with my dad and sibs until now, so it was an extra blessing! We camped at a … More I Went Camping!!!

A Crazy Week

Last week Walker, his mom, and I got emergency evacuated from our home in the night because our neighbor’s house caught fire. A really serious fire that left the house destroyed and needing to be demolished. 8 people ended up homeless, including a bunch of kids, and it was heartbreaking. Before the firefighters arrived and … More A Crazy Week